June 22, 2016

snapshots from sisterhood camp


I have a friend who had a dream.

A dream that, in this complicated, competitive online world, women could connect- really connect, physically and emotionally. A dream that we could gather together, support each other, share wishes and secrets, hopes and plans. A dream that together, we could be stronger, braver and brighter.

Last month, sitting around a campfire in West Wales, that dream came true. The dreamer was Lou, and the dream was Sisterhood Camp.

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June 17, 2016

a fforest adventure

fforest-9 fforest-20

There is a place where the wild flowers grow: where the paths are lined with fox gloves and red campion, with stitchwort and cow parsley. A place where woodsmoke curls into the clear air and laughter echoes through the trees. Somewhere that feels at once both wild and cosy; welcoming and solitary; where even the smallest details are perfectly planned, and contented days follow on from comfortable nights. It’s a place in which to stay, to play and to dream: it is fforest. read more

June 4, 2016

the year in books :: June 2016


I loved my May read, soon-to-be-released novel A Quiet Life. The discussion that took place about the book at the Sisterhood Camp book group was lively, fascinating, impassioned and thoughtful. Opinions about the book were varied, and although I agreed with the criticisms that were levelled by some of the participants, I still found plenty in the novel to keep me reading (and not just that the protagonist is called Laura and loves photography!) Once I got over my slight anxieties about reading aloud to a large group of women around a campfire, I relaxed into the evening and took great pleasure in hearing the thoughts, feelings and experiences of my fellow readers.

My June read, What is yours is not yours by Helen Oyeyemi, may well be the most beautiful book that I now own, with its exposed spine and creamy embossed cover. It also sounds like an utterly enchanting read. I came across it via the Pool, and just felt that I had to read it…

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May 31, 2016

stitch & forage :: an ecourse


My friend, writer and stylist Hannah Bullivant (of Seeds & Stitches), is about to launch Stitch + Forage: a new seasonal living project with herbalist Natasha Richardson. Born out of a mutual love of wildlife, nature and a desire for a more mindful, joyful life, Stitch and Forage is designed for people with a touch of wild in their hearts, and I’m thrilled to be a contributor to this lovely E course.

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