November 27, 2015

A Natural Midwinter

naturalmidwinter2Whether you celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Yule, all three, or none of these at all, there is something so very magical about these darkest days of the year. I try not to bemoan the gloomy skies and lack of light, because I do so adore the early glow of the streetlights, the scent of woodsmoke in the air, the flicker of candles and the cold evenings curled up under a blanket with my knitting in front of the fire.

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November 9, 2015

{ an autumnal trip to France} part 2 :: Paris

paris-1The ruby red carpeted staircase in our apartment building smelled of incense. Or perhaps it was expensive soap. As I ran down it each morning, on my way to buy breakfast from the boulangerie at the end of the road, I could almost imagine that I was a Parisian lady heading out early one morning, and leaving behind me my elegant apartment with its shelves of philosophy books, shiny piano and red geraniums in the window box .

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