At the top of our magnolia tree, a birds nest has appeared. It is a small nest, which sways slightly precariously in the breeze. In the garden, other birds are gathering twigs and moss to build their own nests.

I too am starting to think about nesting. It won’t be long now before the baby arrives and I am beginning to gather up the pram, the tiny clothes and all the other paraphernalia. In the evenings, I knit a shale baby blanket. This is the third baby blanket that I have knitted, and it will be the last. I find it a very soothing part of the preparation for a new arrival, although I need to pick up knitting speed if I am to have it finished in time!

The magnolia tree is resolutely in bud, but this time last year it was in full bloom. We have had such unseasonable weather that everything seems to have paused, stuck in Winter. I am finding it tricky to find inspiration for blogging at the moment. Like the birds, I am nesting and waiting; we are hoping for the first magnolia bloom, the herald of Spring.


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