a natural autumn: some favourites


Clockwise from bottom left: @fredaandco, @lattes_and_layers, @thisisjules, @grainandfeather,   @alexaarnold@sarahmasonphotouk,,  @eduard.militaru, @everythinglooksrosie, @minafagerlund

One month ago, my friend Lou and I launched a new autumnal hashtag over on Instagram: #anatural_autumn. We wanted to celebrate the new season, with a particular focus on simple autumnal pursuits and pleasures: foraging and preserving; fruit-picking and baking; leaf-kicking and seed-gathering; misty mornings and cosy afternoons. We’ve been treated to all of this… and to so much more! The hashtag currently stands at over 2k images, and it’s an absolute dream.

The Instagram gallery is filled with an abundance of autumnal colour; rusted browns, warm oranges, ochres, scarlets and burnished bronze. There are seeds, berries, hips and haws; leaves of every shape and colour. You’ve shared pumpkins and plums, bakes and books, garlands and gatherings. The sweet, natural delights of autumn, this glorious season of plenty.

The images above are just some of my current favourites, but I recommend sitting down with a cup of tea and perusing the gallery in its entirety. It’s a heartwarming sight! Thank you so much to all who have joined in so far, and please do continue to tag your images. It’s wonderful to share in your autumns…



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