young wild garlic




Foraging for wild food is one of my very favourite activities. Since we moved to the countryside we have foraged for everything from elderflowers to sloes. We have made countless jars of jam and jelly and bottles of cordial and gin. Wild garlic is the first of the wild foods to come into season, and its appearance really does herald the arrival of Spring.

On Sunday, we awoke to bright skies, birdsong and a gentler breeze than we have felt for months. It seemed the perfect day to head up to the woods in search of young shoots of wild garlic. We were not disappointed. Blades of sunshine pierced the woodland canopy and illuminated the verdant carpet which spread across the ground and down the hillside. The unmistakable scent of garlic rose up around us as we gathered a bagful of the fresh green leaves.

Further into the season we shall take a large basket and gather enough to make wild garlic pesto, which is one of the boys’ great favourites. On this occasion, D roasted a chicken for supper, stuffing the cavity with lemon, butter and handfuls of the wild garlic. It was utterly delicious: fresh, fragrant and flavoursome. Truly the taste of Spring.

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