this year’s marmalade

In these darkest, wettest months, I retreat to the warmth of my kitchen to make my own sunshine. At this time of year I find cooking to be particularly soothing, preparing soups, dahls, chilli spiced noodles. I return to the ritual of baking bread, and I peruse my cookbooks for wholesome biscuits to dunk in my tea and to fill the after-school hunger gap.

Of all my January kitchen potterings however, nothing brightens my spirits like the making of my annual batch of marmalade. It’s been a ritual for several years now: the moment that I spot Seville oranges in the farm shop or the greengrocer, out comes the preserving pan in readiness for a Saturday afternoon at the kitchen table, up to my elbows in golden peel.

This year, I photographed the process and recorded my recipe as a story over on Steller. You can view by clicking below. I hope that it may bring a little sunshine to a grey day.

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  • This is such a lovely post – I’ve also been making a lot more homemade bread at the moment. It’s perfect for this time of year!

    I absolutely love marmalade, but have never made it, but what a lovely annual tradition to have. Beautiful photo as well x

  • Oh how I miss this! Having been diagnosed as sugar intolerant, I can no longer eat marmalade, so until someone can come up with a recipe for making marmalade without sugar, I have to make do with sugar free orange spread on my toast and ignore all the Seville oranges at the farm shop! 🙁

  • We’re still eating 2014 marmalade but those Seville oranges are just so difficult to resist. Hadn’t heard of Steller – honestly, I can’t keep up with all these new apps.

  • Gorgeous, I love marmalade. I remember my mother and grandmother making it. They would both use the same pan, which belonged to my grandmother, there would be a ceremonial passing over of the pan at the appropriate time of year. Well done for being featured on Steller’s Top Stories. CJ xx

  • Steller – so it’s like the lovechild of blogging and instagram? Or do I have it wrong. Every time that a new platform appears, I am reduced to the status of digital dinosaur.

    Marmalade, however, is a constant. Phew.