winter’s darkest day

solstice candles


Since taking up photography, it’s become something of an obsession- the way it changes through the day, the times when it is brightest and when it is softest. The glare of the mid-day sun and the warm golden evening glow. I know the exact spots in my house where the light is best, and the times that it will fall there. A clear sunny day feels like a gift: an opportunity too precious to squander without a camera in hand. It is not the coldness, or the wetness that makes Winter so tough: it is the darkness, the dwindling daylight hours.

Today, we have reached the turning point of the year. Solstice. Pagan Midwinter. This will be Winter’s darkest day, but it signifies the point at which the light, oh so gradually, starts to return. We are moving once again towards Summer.

A day to light a candle, perhaps even make a wish. May it bring you all good things.

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