winter wonderland: Sisterhood Retreat

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Flickering flames, frosted fronds and watery winter light. With midwinter almost upon us, it feels the perfect time for me to share with you the magical weekend that I spent at fforest for the Sisterhood Winter Retreat.


I’ve written here before about Sisterhood– a dream brought to reality by my lovely friend Lou. Sisterhood retreats are a chance to relax, learn new skills, to reconnect with nature, be mindful of the seasons, to eat delicious food and collaborate, all with the aim of nurturing your creative soul and connecting with your inner wild.

There truly is nowhere better to connect with your inner wild than fforest, an incredible location in West Wales which, like Sisterhood, is a dream brought to life: the dream of Sian and her family. Sisterhood and fforest are a match made in creative heaven, resulting in a weekend where every single detail was utter perfection.



The retreat brought inspiration a-plenty, in the form of workshops, demonstrations and talks, from a luminous selection of women including Erin Allison Claire, Catherine Frawley, Emma Rice, Cathy Jolliffe and Louisa Thomsen-Brits, to name but a few.

As is always the case at fforest, there were relaxed breakfasts, nurturing lunches, irresistible snacks, and, in the evening, fabulous feasts in a setting arranged to perfection by Sisterhood’s wonderful stylist, Hannah Bullivant. Over every meal sparks of connection and collaboration were flying, as the room echoed with the sound of happy chatter and deep conversation.


fforest is beautiful at any time of the year, but on this particular weekend, it surpassed all expectations of loveliness, putting on a display of sparkling frost that turned the whole site into a wonderland. fforest’s slogan ‘cold at night’ was never truer than on this occasion… and yet inside, the fires and log burners roared, and the Welsh woollen blankets were welcoming and warm. We slept cocooned and cosy, and woke up in a landscape transformed into a vision of Narnia.

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I left feeling re-invigorated, inspired, and connected: with nature, with the women that had shared my days, and with my own hopes and dreams. I hope that it won’t be too long before I return. Sisterhood Summer Retreat is fast approaching, and there are some tickets still available. You can find out more information here. Perhaps I’ll see you there…


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