the Winter Solstice

fire-1Today, in the early hours of the morning, came the winter solstice, marking the shortest day of the year, the ‘turning of the sun’. A day to burn lanterns and candles, to be grateful for the sun, its heat and light. The moment when the days begin to lengthen, leading us back towards summer once more. Time for fires and feasting, to cosy up with loved ones, happy in the knowledge that the precious light is no longer waning.

In celebration, I have chosen some midwinter loveliness to share with you. The following images were all posted using #anaturalmidwinter, the Instagram hashtag that Lou (@littlegreenshed) and I launched at the start of the month.

Photo 21-12-2015, 15 26 21

Top row: @owlandaccordion, @31chapellane, @lewesmap Middle row: @sarahehemsley, @jo_rodgers@xantheb Bottom row: @lillalinaea, @katgoldin, @elifcet

If you head over to Lou’s blog, you can see her current midwinter favourites. Thank you to all those who have tagged their images to #anaturalmidwinter, and please do keep tagging.

Happy Solstice!

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