January 11, 2014

wild children

wild children :: circle of pine trees

At the end of last year, I wrote about Project Wild Thing: the film, and the movement to get children to spend more of their time outdoors and to reconnect with nature. It was something that really struck a chord with me. We are lucky enough to live in very beautiful countryside, with walks on our doorstep. We also have a garden, and the boys’ school is within walking distance. The children do spend quite a bit of time outdoors, but it is not as much time as I would like. I will hold up my hands and say that they frequently come home from school and either watch TV or play on the ipad. It’s so easily done, particularly in the winter.

On the Project Wild Thing website, you can take a pledge, to swap some of your screen time for wild time. I have pledged half an hour a day. My third (and final!) intention for the year is to try and keep this pledge on as many days as I can, not just for the boys, but for me, too- putting down my phone and stepping out into the air with them. I know that we will all feel better for it.

I will be seeking out activities and ideas for ways to tempt them away from the TV. I have the Wild Time app , and we were given this cool book for Christmas, so I have somewhere to begin. I thought that I might make this an occasional series on the blog, to show some of our wild time adventures and to share some of the outdoor activities that we come across.

The sun is shining today, I think we might just head outside…


5 thoughts on “wild children

  1. dottycookie

    What a fabulous idea. We could have done with that today – it’s been a long day of homework and indoor activities, with the hope of having a free day tomorrow. We could definitely walk the long way hoe from school some days, and potter around the garden feeding the birds and so on.

  2. Sarah~Lou

    Yes, my mission is to be out more, although I do find it hard in a winter school week as it’s too far to walk and we don’t get home ’til late, but I’m already noticing the slightly lighter afternoons and am loving weekend time out and about…will def check out that app, thanks x

  3. Laura

    Love this campaign! What a great idea and so important. Also recommend the book Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv, Saving our children from nature-deficit disorder.


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