wild children :: tic tac toe in the woods


When we went for our snowdrop walk last weekend, we came across this tic tac toe game in the woods. Hewn from a tree stump and some thick slices of branch, the boys loved trying to beat their Dad at game after game. Such a simple idea, I wondered whether we could make a version of our own, with my Dad and his collection of saws to help! It’s also a game that could be played in all sorts of outdoor locations: on the beach, for example, a grid could be drawn in the sand, with stones and shells used as counters. In the woods, a grid could be made with four straight sticks: for counters, pine cones and stones.

Outdoor tic tac toe: definitely one to add to our bank of wild time ideas. As always, I’ve been collecting more inspiration over on Pinterest:

Wild Children on Pinterest

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