wild children :: sounds of spring

spring walk :: circle of pine trees

This is such a hopeful time of year. Spring has officially arrived (although the weather seems to have forgotten this fact), and countryside feels full of promise, the soil heavy with latent growth. The boys have loved searching out signs of spring: catkins, primroses, bird nests and, most exciting of all, toadspawn. I am forever seeking out blossom against a backdrop of blue (as my Instagram feed will testify). The air smells sweeter: fresher, greener, loamy. I inhale satisfying lungfuls of it whenever I leave the house.

I recently came across a lovely project by the National Trust called The Sounds of Spring. They’ve discovered that three-quarters of people feel more connected to nature in the spring, and that listening to birdsong has been proven to make us calmer, and to boost positivity. As a result of this, they have commissioned Jason Singh, a beatboxer and vocal sculptor, to create an album of ‘Tweet Music‘, featuring his vocal recreations of the sounds of a range of birds and wildlife. It’s worth a listen, particularly if you have frayed nerves!  Also featured is a list of the nation’s top ten spring sounds. I think that mine would be the dawn chorus or a tinkling stream, but it’s a tough call.

Having played the Tweet Music to the boys, I suggested that this weekend, when we next head out for a walk, as well as looking for signs of spring, we will could listen for them as well. Perhaps we shall start off by listening in our own garden, one day after school. A few moments of calm at the end of a hectic day: I’m feeling soothed just thinking about it!

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  • So lovely. I was actually totally enjoying my morning walk with my dog. The robins were out and singing and it was just so happy!

    As for the top 10 sounds, I’m quite partial to April showers myself (maybe because I’m an April baby!)

  • My eldest is an avid birdwatcher, so he always makes me listen to birdsong. Not that I ever know which bird I’m listening too, but it is always beautiful. Nature in springtime is beautiful, so fresh and flawless.

  • What a lovely post Laura, and such a beautiful walk. Love the idea of the album, and the sounds of spring.
    We once had a tape to play in the car with different frog varieties. Some scientific fellow with a deadpan voice anounced the name of the different species followed by the croaking. It was hilarious and great fun for all at the time. I think we finally binned it though!
    Planning to join in your Year of Books, just getting organised. Have really been enjoying catching up on yours posts. cheers Wendy