we’re going on a cow hunt









Since moving to the countryside, we have found several new and unusual activities to get involved in. We have been wassailing, taken part in a scarecrow trail and this weekend, we went on a cow hunt.

Hidden all around the pretty village of Amberley, on the edge of Minchinhampton Common were over 30 wooden cows in a variety of costumes, each with their own pun-based name (Moonopoly, Sugar Plum Dairy, Cowculator…) Needless to say, the boys were delighted to chase around tracking them down and there was plenty of refreshment on hand from the village pubs, tea tent and ice cream van. The common was speckled with dandelions, cowslips, wood anemones and daisies, and the blackthorn was in full bloom. All in all, it was a very pleasant ( and probably uniquely English!) way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon.

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