April 21, 2014

weekending :: a morning’s respite

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery

coffee & croissants




shadows on the path

These last few weeks have been tough. The baby has been suffering with a bout of eczema, which left me tired and grumpy after nursing him through endless broken nights in which he cried and scratched. His sleeplessness meant that my evenings have been whittled away, and with them, the precious quiet moments. I have sleepwalked through the hazy days.

Thankfully, the little one is feeling much better, and the long weekend has been a welcome chance to recuperate. On Saturday, my mister, the baby, and I left the bigger boys with their grandparents for the morning. After a visit to a friend, we went to see the Hockney exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery.  In the hushed quiet of the gallery, we became absorbed in the prints and in our own thoughts. Afterwards, a coffee on the lawn and an uninterrupted conversation, whilst the baby happily people-watched. A morning of blossom and dappled shadows with my sweetheart and my smallest one: a welcome respite from the daily chaos.


8 thoughts on “weekending :: a morning’s respite

  1. Dale

    I think the “calm after the storm” is the most enjoyable. One can truly appreciate the quiet! Happy to hear all is on the upwards swing!

  2. CJ

    So sorry your little man has had eczema, I do hope it’s all gone soon, it’s not a nice thing at all. Sounds like you had a nice day out though. I do hope you have a good week.

  3. Christina

    I hope that’s the eczema gone for good, it is so unpleasant and the baby can’t really articulate how bad it is and when soothing the painful itch is urgent. Keeping my fingers crossed. I am glad that that you had a lovely morning with your sister and baby. xx


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