March 10, 2014

weekending :: a family lunch

Riverford Field Kitchen

Shadows on tiles

Bread Baskets

Riverford Cookbook

Riverford Field Kitchen

Muddy wellies

A special birthday. A family meal. A lunch at the Riverford Field Kitchen.

The sunshine was warm.

The food was plentiful, locally grown, freshly cooked and utterly delicious.

The baby was delighted with the sheep that he found beside his place setting.

The jugs on the tables were filled with hand-picked spring blooms.

The family ate together, the cousins played together.

The sticky toffee pudding has gone down in family legend!



6 thoughts on “weekending :: a family lunch

  1. Jen

    Oh what beautiful, sunshiny pictures!! It sounds like a lovely time was had by all! Those are some of the best meals, when the family is all together!


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