October 20, 2014

weekending :: conker collectors

conker collectors

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conker collector

Three small boys set off for a walk on an October weekend, welly-footed and grubby-fingered. Their destination was an avenue of tall Horse Chestnut trees, bronzed leaves falling onto the grass below. Amongst the leaves, the shiny brown treasure trove of a thousand conkers.

Little fingers winkled them out of their spiky shells, smoothing them gleefully. Every pocket was stuffed to bursting with this autumnal bounty, the scent of leaf-mould spilling out with them over the kitchen floor when we returned home.

The wild boys have gone, for the moment, in playground lines of crisp school uniform. The conkers remain, appearing in the laundry basket, falling out of coat pockets, resting in piles halfway up the stairs. Waiting for the return of the small hands that warm them. In my brief moments of pause, I wait too.



10 thoughts on “weekending :: conker collectors

  1. CJ

    What a beautiful place. Small boys, conkers and sticks – it doesn’t get any better. There’s a lot of conker obsession here too.

  2. Katie B

    I am still an avid conker collector at 25 – I can’t understand why I get some funny looks as I duck down to pick up the wonderfully shiny treasures – and if it’s true the spiders don’t like them, even better!

  3. Steph

    Such a poetic piece. I adored reading it. We once collected a mixing bowl full then felt so guilty that we returned them to the towpath where we found them for the squirrels!

  4. Emm.A

    I remember collecting conkers too, when I was a kid. There was a road just around the corner of our house that had so many trees. We spend days collecting! Such a nice memory!
    Greetings from Austria

  5. Mitzi

    It seems such a long time ago now that I took two small boys looking for conkers, but I know one who at nearly 6ft and 26 would still be happy to go looking for the prize winning conker given the chance.


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