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Weekends are always precious, but as the days grow ever darker and colder, and the hours of daylight dwindle, the time available for adventuring shrinks to just a few hours. My Granny used to call them ‘ten-til-two’ days, these Saturdays and Sundays at the close of the year. I didn’t just inherit my curls and my love of baking from Gran, I picked up her love of a good day trip, too!

Last Sunday, we set off to spend the day at one of our family’s favourite haunts, grabbing a flask of tea, a camera (of course!), and as many wooly layers as we could find.  When it comes to clothes, Autumn and Winter are definitely my favourite seasons. I’m fond of summer dresses and sandals, but it’s the comfort of thick tights, shearling-lined boots and gorgeous knitwear that really brings me joy.


Call me strange, but my favourite places to explore were the misty-paned glasshouses and the tumbledown outbuildings with cobwebby windows. My love, the gardener of the family, enjoyed perusing the walled gardens and admiring the last blooms in the orangery. Afterwards, the boys were keen to hare around in the woods, allowing me to wander, collecting leaves and acorns, and capturing the light amongst the trees.



I unintentionally dressed to match the skies, in varying shades of grey and slatey blue. White Stuff has long been a favourite of mine, and their winter collection is full of the sort of elegant-but-practical layers that I really love. I brightened my steely ensemble with soft chartreuse accessories. Hand warmers are the item of winter clothing that I love the most: warm hands, accessible fingers, and for some reason they always make me feel that I’ve stepped out of a Victorian novel!white-stuff-9 white-stuff-7 white-stuff-6 white-stuff-8

Every weekend adventure should involve tea and cake, and luckily we were prepared, with our flask, and slices of a cinnamon-spiced apple cake baked the previous evening. When late afternoon arrived, and the sun began to dip in the sky, I was glad of all my extra layers- zipping up my coat and pulling on my hat. We’d stayed out longer than my Granny might have advised- two o’clock had been and gone, but we’d made the most of every last moment of daylight, and an open fire, and Sunday supper of Welsh Rarebit were beckoning.


{I was sent my outfit by White Stuff. This is a sponsored post but all words, thoughts and images are my own.}

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