It feels rather as if we are living life in limbo at the moment. The more desperate I am for Spring to arrive, the more determined it seems to be to take its time. Our last three school runs have coincided with swirling snowstorms, definitely not the weather I was hoping that March would bring. With a baby due in a couple of months, I know that all sorts of changes are on the horizon, but time is moving very slowly at the moment and Winter feels endless (as does pregnancy)!

Filling the house with flowers is one way to remind myself that the sunshine will be here eventually. These beautiful hyacinths with their heady scent are my contribution to Lou’s Nature in the Home series this week.

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  • Aw, sounds like you need to put your feet up and let time pass around you, Spring is just around the corner I’m sure. You must be exhausted from your busy weekend and all the preparations that entailed. I love your picture, I’m coming to the Nature in the Home series a bit late but I’m joining in too tomorrow. xxx

  • winter seems so long when you are pregnant…but then again, I don’t know what is worse being pregnant in the winter, or in the long hot days of summer. My youngest is an August baby and I thought I was going to explode in all the heat. Hang in there! And your flowers look so so lovely! xo

  • nice blog!! The spring seems always late, today it’s so cold when I go to work, I am also asking myself this winter is just never ending…

  • Beautiful flowers and great painting. I’m in limboland too with the builders in, house cold, mess taking over the whole house and no point getting excited about decor just yet (I am though). Keep going, we’ll get there. Remember this stage with no 3 too, Katie x