March 7, 2013

Thursday thoughts


I managed to pick this tiny posy from the garden. Not many flowers out there yet, but they all seem to be yellow! My kind mother-in-law planted pots and pots of tulips for us at the end of last year and I am so looking forward to them blooming, I love picking my own flowers. Once again, I’m sharing this as part of Lou’s Nature in The Home series.

I’m busy baking and making this week, in preparation for Mothers’ Day on Sunday, and for S’s birthday party on Saturday. I’ll let you know how I get on…

8 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts

  1. katie

    The blue and the yellows look amazing together. Beautiful shot. Feel like baking too, it’s gone all cold and gloomy here, your flowers have cheered me up. Thanks, katie

  2. dottycookie

    So lovely to finally be able to start picking a few flowers. I am planning to grow lots for cutting this year – we never eat the veggies I grow, but I do harvest flowers!

  3. Truly Myrtle

    Sounds like a perfect plan for the week. I’m looking around at the mess, the empty vases (miraculously we have full biscuit tins…) and am thinking I’ll have to join you…. after this row….


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