October 16, 2013

these moments


The baby has been poorly over this last week.  Nothing serious, but enough to make the poor mite miserable.

Everything has had to pause: plans have been cancelled, to do lists have been put on hold, laundry has piled up. He has been kept inside, and I have stayed with him. All he has wanted is be held .

As he lies in my lap, I watch his chest rise and fall, his eyelids flutter, his fingers grip mine. I fight the feeling that I ‘should’ be doing any number of chores. These moments are fleeting and precious. Through the sleepless nights and the whirl of family activity, I want to enjoy every second of his babyhood, this third baby of mine. I wish to engrave the memory of his smallness indelibly on my heart.

When he is older, and I am old, I shall look back not on those piles of unwashed laundry but on these moments of stillness amidst the mess and the muddle, with my babe sweetly sleeping on my lap.

9 thoughts on “these moments

  1. Truly Myrtle

    Oh you dear sweet thing – he is a lucky boy and you a lovely mummy 🙂
    You’re right though, totally right. Babies are made to be cuddled and they grow up all too soon.
    (I sound like an old lady)

  2. Gillian

    What a lovely post. You’re right, of course, it’s these moments you’ll treasure when he’s older.

    I often stop by here and read, by the way, but am very slack about commenting. I’ve really been enjoying your autumn snapshots series. x

  3. katie

    What a pensive post, so beautiful, I hope your wee one is feeling better now. What you say is so true, we need to enjoy people and moments rather than whizz round thinking what needs done next. I often say there’ll still be washing to do tomorrow…


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