summoning Spring


With the weather grimly grey and wet, the last couple of weeks have been rather an uphill struggle. It’s not the coldness, but the lack of light which brings me down. Every ray is precious on the rare occasions when the sunshine breaks through the clouds. Spring is still a long way off, but I search keenly for signs of it. Our magnolia tree is in bud, with a tiny newly-built birds nest teetering at the top. The early snowdrops are out, and in our garden the first primrose has bravely popped its head up.

On the high street, the pavement outside the florist is laden with bulbs and primulas. After a dreary week, I can resist no longer and fill my shopping bag. Regal purple crocuses and cheerful narcissus, ready to be potted up and distributed throughout the house. It may not be possible to summon the sunshine, but I shall try my hardest to summon the Spring.

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