September 5, 2014

the summer in polaroids






The most magical thing about Polaroid photographs is that they truly capture the dreamy, golden summer light. These snapshots of glorious summer days were taken with my vintage Polaroid 1000 using Impossible Project SX-70 film. I treasure them, both as images and as memories. I hope that their warm glow can get me through the darker months that are around the corner.

7 thoughts on “the summer in polaroids

  1. Faye

    So beautiful. A Polaroid camera has been on my wish list for a while now, your pictures have inspired me to purchase one soon.

  2. Penny

    My dad had a Polaroid in the ’70’s, when they were new, and it was so thrilling waiting for the photo’s to develop, that we all used to stand round waiting for the colours to appear! X

  3. Manneskjur

    We are embroiled in some weird coincidental thing today as I have just ordered that film for the 1000 I bought on eBay last week – and then here I come and read this!
    Your shots are making me even more excited about getting started!

  4. Elizabeth

    Your photos are indeed warm and sentimental and lovely. I think the other magic of a polaroid is experiencing the anticipation, watching the image develop. Must be fun for your children to have a polariod in action!


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