strawberry jam forever


Within hours of being picked, Sunday’s strawberries were in the maslin pan ready to be made into jam. Last year’s jam was made using the recipe on the jam sugar bag, but this time I made two batches using a recipe by Felicity Cloake from the Guardian. It is delicious, with the added lemon really enhancing the flavour of the fruit. Strawberry jam is a huge favourite in our house, so I shall no doubt be making more before the summer is out. I am keen to try the River Cottage Preserves book, which arrived on my doorstep last week; my own search for the perfect strawberry jam recipe continues. In the meantime, I am planning to bake some of my Grandma’s marvellous scones- nothing tastes better with a jar of strawberry jam and a bowl of local cream.

Do you have a favourite strawberry jam recipe?

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  • Oh delicious! Not sure I’ll get round to fruit picking and jam making this year, but a couple of punnets of strawberries from the supermarket might tempt me otherwise! Enjoy your scones!