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My friend, writer and stylist Hannah Bullivant (of Seeds & Stitches), is about to launch Stitch + Forage: a new seasonal living project with herbalist Natasha Richardson. Born out of a mutual love of wildlife, nature and a desire for a more mindful, joyful life, Stitch and Forage is designed for people with a touch of wild in their hearts, and I’m thrilled to be a contributor to this lovely E course.

In their self-paced practical guide to simple, mindful summer living on a budget, Hannah and Natasha endeavour to inspire you to find easy affordable ways to incorporate slower, gentler, wilder living into your daily rhythms without compromising on style. In my section on relaxed summer reading, I share some favourite summery reads, as well as ideas as to how best to take time to chill out with a book.

Stitch and Forage will include tons of inspiration to embrace the best of summer in your back garden, or in your own town, lovely free or cheap things to do with children, masterclasses on key summer herbs and summer styling, as well as a celebration of the delicious fruit and veg that’s in season too

Amazingly, this ecourse costs just £30 which I honestly believe (as a self-confessed e course junkie) is an absolute bargain! If you’d like to sign up, you can do so here.

{The links in this post are affiliate links, which means that if you do sign up for the course, I will receive a percentage of the fee as payment for my contribution. This allows Circle of Pine Trees to continue to grow.}

Read on to find out a little more about the course…


Stitch and Forage features 4 core modules called “Forage”, “Make”, “Gather” and “Tend”, which will contain features covering:

How to survive Hayfever with Herbal Remedies
The Joy of Camping; both maximalist and minimalist
Tips on styling and preparing for a summer dinner party
A guide to summer beers
Simple, useful summer crafts
Seasonal herbs, flowers and vegetables
How to make your own Summer Sour
Delicious, easy recipes for Seasonal Foods
Taking care of your skin in the sun
Lots of ideas to take time for you- from nature meditation to skin care
The best holiday, garden and beach reads
Simple, joyful ways to entertain kids with tons of fun and practical printebales.
Ideas to have a more mindful, eco-Summer

Convinced, and ready for a mindful summer? Sign up here!


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