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Seasonal crafting is a favourite in this house, it’s a lovely creative way to observe the cycle of the year. This weekend, the eldest two boys and I have been trying our hand at egg blowing. A friend’s chicken, the grandly named Princess Rainbow, provided us with three perfect white eggs, proudly collected for us by the littlest boy. From our local farm, as part of our veg box delivery, we received some utterly beautiful eggs in the most delicate shade of blue. Wonderful as they looked in their pale serenity, we had colourful plans for them.

Natural art and craft shop, Conscious Craft kindly sent us a Ukranian Easter Egg Decorating Kit to try out, from their extensive range of egg decorating resources.  The boys were extremely careful and patient as we blew out the insides of each egg, sealing the holes with beeswax. Following the extensive instructions in the book, we drew our designs onto the eggs. I tried to emulate those in the book, the boys preferred a more freestyle approach!

The patterns are drawn onto the eggs using melted beeswax, which is heated over a candle using a special stylus called a kitsky. The eggs are then submerged in dye. This process is repeated, with dyes that are increasingly dark in colour, as the layers of pattern are built up. Finally, the wax lines are melted away, to reveal the eggs in their colourful glory.

We were delighted with our finished eggs. They are wonderfully vibrant, and will look perfect hung on our Ostereierbaum. The Ukranian Easter Egg Decorating Kit comes with everything that you need to blow, decorate and dye a good number of eggs. Ours were far from perfect, but if you have a little more time and patience, you can produce some utterly amazing designs.

Never did a rainy Sunday pass so cheerfully in our house! The boys are extremely proud of their handiwork, and the bunnies seem to like them too…


Conscious Craft kindly sent us an egg decorating kit to try out, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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