sowing seeds





There is something particularly alluring about seed packets. Perhaps it is their bright, glossy colours, perhaps it is that even during the dregs of Winter, they represent the promise of Summer. Certainly there is a kind of magic contained within them, one which never grows old or tired. There are few greater pleasures on a sunny morning, as Spring approaches, than the planting of seeds.

D and I never seem to have as much time for gardening as we would like, and we have yet to build the veg beds that we are planning for our new garden so this will not be a year for planting great numbers of seeds. Not a year goes by, however, when I do not grow sweet peas, ready for cutting later in the summer. The boys will sow their usual sunflower seeds, and today, little R and I sowed some edible calendula (we were enticed by the suggestion on the back of the seed packet that the flowers could be suspended in jelly and eaten!) He was delighted by the handfuls of dirt and was so careful as he made the holes with his little fingers, dropped in the seeds and covered them over. A little over-enthusiatic with the watering, but I am hopeful that we shall see some seedlings appearing in the coming weeks.


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