snapshots :: the Sisterhood Supper

supperIt was like stepping into a perfect wintery dream. The deep green scent of eucalyptus floated amongst the flickering lights of a hundred candles. Evergreen garlands hung from the brick walls and twirled gently in front of the raindrop-glittered windows.



supper-7 suppersTables swathed in floaty white linen were bedecked with feathers and silvery baubles. Around the room, tresses haloed by handmade leafy crowns, sat women deep in conversation. No longer strangers, but friends – sisters – sharing bread and secrets, tales and dreams. The feasting stretched languorously into the night. Plate after plate, glass after glass, each dish a greater triumph than that which had gone before.supper-8 supper-4supper-12 supper-11

Beyond: the city lights shone in the blustery night. Within: all was calm and bright, verdant and sparkling, soothing and warm. After the camaraderie of the evening, an indefinable something lingered, as if ephemeral traces of eucalyptus scent still drifted in hazy clouds about our heads, the glow of the candles flickering at the periphery of our vision. The spirit of Sisterhood had settled over us with a gossamer touch, leaving a lightness of heart, a sense of hope and a promise of friendship in the days to come.

{ The Sisterhood Winter Seasonal Supper was created by Lou Archell, and was organised by her as part of Sisterhood Camp. It was held at the Forge, in association with Toast . Styling was by Hannah Bullivant, using products by Toast,  Linen Me  and Lights for Fun. The chef was Claire Thompson. The evening was documented by photographer and filmmaker Xanthe Berkeley There were workshops by Quill London (calligraphy) and Erin Trezise (floristry). Cathy Jolliffe was the designer.}

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