snapshots from sisterhood camp


I have a friend who had a dream.

A dream that, in this complicated, competitive online world, women could connect- really connect, physically and emotionally. A dream that we could gather together, support each other, share wishes and secrets, hopes and plans. A dream that together, we could be stronger, braver and brighter.

Last month, sitting around a campfire in West Wales, that dream came true. The dreamer was Lou, and the dream was Sisterhood Camp.


There is so much that I could tell you about Sisterhood Camp. Lou and Polly and Sas have already written eloquently about it, and there are endless moments and stories to find words for. I shall tell you, I think, what I most loved…


I loved spending time with like-minded souls. Women that I didn’t have to explain myself to, or hide my self from. Who also didn’t mind me stopping to photograph flowers or pretty light, or a country lane… probably because they were busy photographing it themselves!


I loved being fed and looked after. The camp was hosted at fforest Manorafon, and the breakfasts and suppers provided were beyond delicious ( as for the cake… I’m still dreaming about it…) Not only that, but amazing Elinor (aka The Beach Hut Cook) treated us to campfire cooking and cocktail making demos that culminated in a delicious lunch. The recipes are on her blog, and I have reason to believe that this talented lady is in the process of setting up a You Tube channel, which will be well worth watching…

sisterhoodcamp-6 sisterhoodcamp-9

I loved the peace. The opportunity to do things at my own pace, to take time to just be and to breathe.


I loved the photography discussions and the techy chats! There were such talented photographers in attendance, each that I spoke to was generous and open in sharing her knowledge and skills. There were many conversations about camera specs and back button focus: the sort of thing that sends most people to sleep, but that fascinates us Instagrammers and picture-takers!

sisterhoodcamp-8 sisterhoodcamp-10

I loved the beach. I always love the beach, and the beach at golden hour? That’s my idea of heaven.

sisterhoodcamp-13 sisterhoodcamp-11 sisterhoodcamp-12 sisterhoodcamp-14

I loved the opportunity to play, and to collaborate. There was creativity flowing, and I had the best time creating vignettes, trying out ideas with friends and watching other creatives at work. We faffed with flowers, we styled images, and we we had so much fun with Xanthe’s smoke bombs on the beach.


I loved connecting: spending time with friends that I already knew and loved, and having the opportunity to make new ones. Opening up and seeing others do the same. Driving home, with lovely Emma, I felt buoyed by friendship and support.

sisterhoodcamp-15 sisterhoodcamp-16

I loved feasting. Lou, Hannah and Erin‘s amazing decorations made a tin barn feel like a fairy bower, and they were magical evenings that we spent, talking and laughing by candlelight.


Finally, I loved that after supper, Sas led us to the campfire, where we sat together, releasing fears and making wishes under the full moon. A tight circle, shoulder to shoulder around the glowing embers. A sisterhood.sisterhoodcamp-19

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