Sisterhood Summer

Last month, for the third summer in a row, I had the pleasure of attending the Sisterhood Camp summer retreat. This year’s camp was held at fforest in Wales, on the edge on the Teifi marshes nature reserve, a location that I was happy to return to after last year’s family adventure and November’s frosty Sisterhood winter retreat.

For the second year, I was leading a workshop: a fireside book group session. I love hosting my monthly #theyearinbooks Twitter chat, but there’s something so much more intimate and open about a real life book group, particularly one that’s held huddled round a fire pit, wine glasses in hand. I spent a hour in conversation with a circle of amazing women who were smart, funny, honest, poignant, thought-provoking and wise.

Each year, the Sisterhood summer retreat has been held in a different location, with a largely changing group of women, but on every retreat, there is the same unique Sisterhood sparkle. Time and time again, I see women forming connections, gaining confidence, making plans and decisions, sharing secrets and just soaking up the beauty and inspiration. My friend Lou, the founder of Sisterhood, has created something magical, and each retreat seems to be lovelier than the last.

I was happy to be able to reconnect with friends that I had made on previous retreats, and have cherished ever since. I stayed in the elegant fforest farmhouse with other workshop leaders, relishing the calm simplicity of my surroundings.

Once again, there were flower crowns and feasting, with the event beautifully styled by Hannah Bullivant, ably assisted by Lucy Franks, two incredibly warm ladies, each with a remarkable eye.

This year, as every year, I take my hat off to Lou for her hard work, passion and inspiring sense of beauty. She continues to follow her dream to create and maintain that Sisterhood sparkle and it’s always an honour to be a tiny part of it.

You can find out about upcoming Sisterhood events here:

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  • Thank you so much Laura for informing us about Sisterhood Summer. I subscribed to the blog immediately and will be very happy to join a gathering in the near future.