on the September table


I am documenting the year with monthly photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, is also a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

September is here, and with it, the Autumn. I clung to summer for as long as I could muster until finally conceding when the equinox came on a crisp and misty morning. Instead of flowers, the September table has a jug of plump, glossy rosehips as its centrepiece. These branches of scarlet beauties had been trimmed from the hedge at the local farm shop and left, discarded, in a pile of clippings. Their thorns are sharp, and I was dealt a fair few scratches as I untangled them and brought them home, but their vibrancy made the discomfort worthwhile. They sit in a hand-thrown jug that I picked up for a quid at a local fete, its single chip almost unnoticeable.

The red enamel tea pot has barely left the table since I bought it for a couple of pounds at the Shambles Market in Stroud. It’s just the right size for two small mugs of tea, with a cheerful shine to it, and a classic shape that calls to mind the ‘I’m a little teapot’ rhyme! My heart mug was a birthday gift from a good friend, and it’s the perfect partner for the sweet little pot.

My ‘Daring’ notebook is sister to my much-used ‘Productive notebook, in which I make my weekly to-do lists. They came from Howkapow, a favourite of mine. September is the perfect time for a pristine page in a lovely notebook- a good month for beginnings and for fresh projects and ideas. Now that two of my three boys are at school, I’m finding just a few more hours in the week, and nothing is more satisfying than the opportunity to sit down when the baby naps with a notebook and a cup of tea or coffee.

Autumn is the time when, as a knitter, my thoughts naturally turn to new projects and to gorgeous yarns. I’m making slow progress knitting my socks, but a quick-win speedy knit is just what I need. My brother, who lives in the States, brought me back (as requested!) a couple of skeins of beautiful merino wool from Purl Soho, in beige and teal. I’m planning to make this striped cowl for myself, and just need a moment to bring down my yarn swift and wind the wool. I’ve always found it to be an activity that fascinates the little ones, so perhaps the baby can help me out one afternoon.

Finally, my proudest achievement, the wooden spoon. Rustic and unfinished it may be, but it was carved entirely by my own hand under the watchful guidance of the amazing EJ of Hatchet and Bear in a workshop at The Good Life Experience last weekend. Beginning with a small branch of ash, and ending with a spoon was a transformative experience, and not just for the wood itself! The two hours that I spent, knife in hand, were hugely satisfying and therapeutic, and I loved the magic of seeing the spoon that I had drawn onto the wood, emerge. It’s a lovely souvenir of what was a really fantastic weekend. The whole family went, for our final camping trip of the year, spending the weekend with Lou and Xanthe and their respective families, as well as catching up with Cathy, Nina, Hannah and lots of other lovely folk. We had all manner of fun, and the festival was filled with delights, from the vintage fairground to the bonfires, with delicious food and drink a-plenty and workshops and activities for all of us. It was the perfect way in which to bid the summer farewell.

Red, beige and cream: the September table.

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  • Lovely rosehips, and the jug is gorgeous, what a bargain. I go to Stroud quite a lot, I must check out the market there. Usually they are packing up by the time I arrive. The yarn is really pretty, just right for autumn, I always feel the urge to knit things at this time of year. I’ve probably mentioned my notebook obsession before, so I won’t bang on about it… I do love your spoon though, I’d like to try carving one day, although I’m so clumsy I do worry slightly about the sharpness of the knives. A beautiful table as always, and perfectly reminiscent of the season. CJ xx

  • Your table posts are always beautiful, and I often spots items which are very similar to objects of my own. I bought a very similar hand-made mug at a summer fair this year, and carved a spoon when I was a Girl Guide for my Woodman badge! I, too, have a bit of a thing for notebooks, especially at this time of year, and love your gorgeous yarn, although I’m going to have to finish my current project before I let myself loose on some new wool x

  • Seeing your beautiful September table was a perfect way to start my morning.Oh, the yarn, the teapot! Your wooden spoon handiwork is precious. I find so much joy in celebrating all the seasons but I think my favorite of all is autumn, and particularly the month of September.