on the September table, 2015


I am documenting the year with monthly photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, is also a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

September brought with it a blaze of sunshine, so sunflowers are an appropriate flower for this month’s table. I rescued these beauties from the reduced-price flower bucket at the supermarket. At just over £1 for a big bunch, I couldn’t leave them there! They were looking a little sorry for themselves, but I trimmed the stems, seared them, and plunged them into icy cold water. The blooms perked up, and are still going strong days later. I love their cheerful glow.

With the seasons on the turn, I have been feeling a little below par. I’ve been drinking hot chai tea, sweetened with a little honey from the bees at Dean’s Court, which I had the pleasure of observing at close quarters a couple of weeks ago (more on that to come…) The little wooden honey drizzler was a vintage find in one of my junk shop trawls. It’s rather sweet, if you’ll forgive the honey pun…

The miniature oil is one of a pair that I bought years ago from a French Brocante. I keep meaning to find a little space to hang them, and I think I may have finally found the right spot. We’re off to France again next month, so I’m crossing my fingers for one or two brocante treasures.

Finally, yarn. There’s something about the arrival of autumn that makes my fingers positively itch to knit! These are two balls of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, with which I’m casting on a pair of these wrist warmers. Now I just need to knit like the wind, and get them finished before the hazy sunshine turns to sharp mornings and chilly afternoons.

Yellow, gold and brown : the September 2015 table.


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  • I love Sunflowers, mine have all but gone over now for this year. My neighbours seem to be going strong and I can see them from my dining room window. Although I love bees I am not particularly a lover of honey it’s a little too sweet for me. When my big ones were still at home my daughter would say that she could always tell when Autumn was coming as the knitting needles would make their appearance.