February 23, 2014

behind the scenes



I didn’t manage to take a picture of the Lego birthday cake (apart from a quick snap over on Instagram).

I forgot to photograph the iced number six biscuits (when asked what he would like for his party, the boy’s first response was “number six biscuits!”- I love that the number biscuit tradition, started on his first birthday, has become a part of the fabric of family birthdays.)

I neglected to record the fairy cakes topped with Lego candy bricks, which were wolfed down appreciatively.

It was blowing a gale when I tied the bunting on the railings (“don’t forget the tiny flags, Mummy!”), so I didn’t reach for my camera.

I was too busy during the parachute games and pass the parcel to even think about taking a snap, and the party bags were sent home un-recorded.

All of which shows, I suppose, what a happy and busy birthday party it was. It was a pleasure to spend time with the boy and his sweet friends and I am grateful that he is still small enough to enjoy variations on the theme of musical statues.

Six. However did we reach that number so quickly?

8 thoughts on “behind the scenes

  1. Dale

    I love this. So many times I’ve been in the same boat… realising after the fact that I didn’t take the pictures! (Not really good when you are trying to build a business but, what can you do? It happens!)

    Hmmm… my eldest will be 16 next month. Now how did THAT happen so quickly!

    Just a heads up, if you will…. 😉

  2. simplesuffolksmallholder

    I still say how have we got daughters/son aged 34, 32 and 27, how do the years fly by?
    Sounds as if you had a good party there.

  3. annie

    SIX! That is ridiculous, how did he become so old so quickly. Do you have a time machine hidden away somewhere in that house of yours. Happy Birthday little S. – Annie


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