a cake for the weekend :: rhubarb and orange cake

rhubarb and orange cake :: circle of pine trees

When I passed by our local greengrocers the other morning, I spotted a large box of rhubarb on the table outside. It was, the greengrocer assured me, Yorkshire rhubarb. There is no finer rhubarb, and I couldn’t have left without a sizeable bundle – not only do I have a particular fondness for rhubarb, but I also have a good deal of Yorkshire blood in my veins.

blood orange

Also in my basket were a trio of blood oranges: another timely treat. Returning home, I put aside half of the rhubarb to give to my Dad (a Yorkshireman, and maker of a particularly fine rhubarb compote!) Looking at the pink luminosity of the remaining stems next to the oranges, I recalled a recipe that I have baked over the last couple of years: rhubarb and orange cake.

rhubarb and orange cake :: circle of pine trees

rhubarb and orange cake :: circle of pine trees

Like so many good recipes, this came via a blogging friend. You can find the recipe over on Tess’s blog, Driftwood. My only alteration was to use demerara sugar in place of muscavado in the topping- I love its crunch. The cake itself was moist, almond-rich, deliciously fruity, and at its seasonal best. It has to be one of my favourite rhubarb recipes, along with rhubarb shortbread, which is also particularly irresistible, should you be a fellow rhubarb-fan.


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  • Oh yum … rhubarb is one of my absolute favourites and combined with oranges … a match made in heaven … rhubarb is also delicious on homemade soda bread … I grew up eating vast quantities of my Granny’s soda or fadge as it was known, smothered in stewed rhubarb … so delicious … enjoy your weekend … Bee xx

  • We have locally (Worcestershire) grown forced rhubarb in our farmshops and it is so pink! I shall buy some next week and make this cake, it looks beautiful.

  • I think our forced rhubarb is just about ready for harvest. I am going to check this recipe out, it looks most delicious. Thanks for reminding me of the rhubarb Laura. Cx

  • yum!
    it is always so lovely to see friends using your recipes, it feels a bit like you’ve come round for tea and I’ve made you some, but I am a bit envious because now I really really want a slice……..