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quincemeat pies :: circle of pine trees blog

quincemeat pies :: circle of pine trees blog

I got extremely  excited last week, when I found quinces for sale in the local greengrocers. I swiftly filled a large paper bag with the custardy beauties and before long, their delicate scent was permeating the kitchen. I read up on a variety of quince recipes. First in the oven was Sarah Raven’s quince and windfall apple cake, which made for a gooey pudding after a roast Sunday lunch. However, this used just a single quince, so with a bowlful still to enjoy, I inevitably turned to Nigella.

I made a batch of the Quincemeat from How to be a Domestic Goddess, which is a mincemeat recipe made with baked quince. There has been a large jar of it sitting in the fridge until today, when I decided that we were now far enough into December for me to declare it official mince pie season or, in this instance, quince pie season…

Using a simple sweet pastry recipe, I baked a batch of quince pies: no doubt my first of many. These melting brandied mouthfuls are sweet, buttery perfection. I shall be surprised if they last to the end of the day!

As for the quinces, I still have five remaining. Whether they end up as part of a pudding, or transformed into quince brandy (Nigella again!) remains to be seen…

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  • I bought a few quinces today. On one hand, quincemeat sounds amazing, on the other…the chances of me having time to roll out pastry this year are minimal! I’m planning to bake mine until they’re gorgeously red and serve with vanilla ice-cream.