May 15, 2013






This week, Lou’s Nature in the Home challenge was to find something pink. At first glance, the garden was distinctly lacking in any pink blooms whatsoever, but I had forgotten about the cherry tree at the front of the house. It is well past its full glory now, petals fading to a pale, washed out shade and dropping whenever there is a gust of wind. I picked a handful of the fluffy blossom and brought it inside. This is a posy that will not last long, but the fallen petals have such an air of sweet disorder that they are charming in themselves. Such delicate confetti.

18 thoughts on “pink

  1. Molly

    You’ve inspired me to bring some of our own garden blossom into the house, instead of moaning about it being tramped all through the carpets! Very pretty.

  2. katie

    The first photo makes the blossom look like a gorgeous big pink pompom. I like the petals around the bottom too, like pink snow. Great images, Katie xx

  3. charmaine

    beautiful! how lovely to have a blossom tree. I was thinking about taking a little from my neighbour’s garden but think on balance it is probably a little risky! x

  4. Gillian

    What beautiful photos. They are so still and peaceful. I always think blossom is just as beautiful when it’s fallen to the ground as it is when it’s on the tree.

    Gorgeous blog you have here. x


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