patchwork September

patchwork september

September is a transitional month, easing us gently from summer into autumn. Its pleasures are bittersweet: the excitement of new school years and fresh starts is always tinged for me with a slight melancholic longing for the summer that passed so quickly. This month saw distant views and woodland walks, the last of the scarlet berries and the picking of the black ones. There have been several bunches of starburst dahlias, a chocolate stout cake for a birthday and a new favourite weekend breakfast. We have been making the most of the soft September sunshine as we forage for -and preserve for the winter- the many fruits of the hedgerow. Of all these delights, none have been sweeter than the moment that the baby first discovered laughter. It has been a good September.

I’ve finally created a Facebook page for the blog, which you can find here. I do hope that you like it!

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