patchwork September 2014


September began as rather a shock for us- back to school, and for my four year old, the ever first day of school. Whilst I mourned the loss of carefree holiday days, and felt the inevitable wrench as my boy started school, I found myself relishing the clean page, new start and the quiet, still daytime moments when the older boys are away and the baby is asleep.

With the warm weather and the still-light evenings, there have been many opportunities for foraging- perfect for #growforagecook. A gentle ramble, basket in hand, to our favourite blackberry field has been a weekly occurrence: the cupboards are stacked with Bramble Jelly, and the freezer with frozen berries. My kind friend with the apple trees has, as always, been generous with her windfalls, and I’ve been baking endless Windfall Apple Cakes, replenishing the tin as fast as the hungry hordes empty it. I’ll be sharing the recipe over at Weekends Collected in the coming weeks.

I’ve been foraging for berries, blooms and treasures, too- sharing my discoveries as part of Lou’s #natureinthehome over on Instagram. Rose hips, rowan berries, feathers and fading hydrangea blooms have all graced my mantel this month. The central picture above was the collection that represented ‘September’ for me- my contribution to the #stylingtheseasons project.

Whilst Autumn has crept into our days with its misty mornings and flame-bright leaves, we clung to summer until the last, with our final camping weekend at the Good Life Experience, which proved to be exactly what its name promised. The tent, along with the summer, has been packed away until next year, and we move hopefully into October, with all autumn’s glories ahead of us.

As always, I’ve been looking back- to last September’s patchwork – and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for October.

October on Pinterest

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