patchwork November 2014


I cannot remember a mistier time than this November. Day after day of thick, dense fog, of wispy, drifting mist and of everything in between. Many times I’ve woken up to see that the hill usually visible from my window was completely shrouded in cloud. I’ve become a little obsessed with photographing it- my Instagram feed is currently thick with fog and blanketed in dreamy cloud. The beech woods in November are always glorious, but on a damp day, when the leaves glow through the mist, they are beyond magical.

As always, we’ve been out rambling, high on the hill tops to take in the autumnal views. Many of the trees are already bare, but the larches, with their saffron needles, brighten up the hills, as do the swathes of rust-coloured bracken. We had our first frost last week, and the leaves underfoot became delicately iced, their skeletal outlines highlighted in strokes of silver. Inside the house, looking outwards, the autumnal glow shines bright through the windows.

At the start of the month, we said farewell to the beach, with our final trip to the sea for this year. We paddled in rock pools, gathered pebbles, and, fuelling the Kelly Kettle with driftwood and gorse, drank hot chocolates on the beach. Back at home, in the kitchen, I began the month with a slab of my Yorkshire Granny’s Parkin for Bonfire night, and ended it with some mincemeat made with windfall apples and last year’s quince brandy. This was my final offering for #growforagecook, which Sabrina and I will now be putting into hibernation until the spring.

Finally, I gathered together a collection of items with a ‘November’ theme, and which have been cheering my mantel for the full course of the month. This was my November contribution to Charlotte and Katy‘s Styling the Seasons. As always, I’ve been looking back- to last November’s patchwork – and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for December.

December on Pinterest

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