patchwork May 2014


May, May, beautiful May. I welcomed this, my favourite month, by celebrating May Day along with Lou, and leaving jam jars of flowers on the doorsteps of my friends. The entire month has been characterised by delicate floral beauty: cow parsley and dandelions in the verges, hawthorn in the hedges, wild garlic in the woodland, buttercups on the common. Looking up into the bright, cloud-whispy sky,  the horse chestnut trees wave their flame-like pink blooms. The baby loves to pick buttercups and daisies with his chubby fingers, the boys pluck dandelion clocks and scatter their seeds to the wind. I gather up armfuls of cow parsley to grace my kitchen table, short-lived but glorious.

My #52loavesproject bakes for May have been attempts at conquering the great white loaf. The boys have been delighted by this, wolfing down slice after slice. Using the same dough, I’ve mastered pizza bases and, to my delight, pitta bread, which I served with homemade falafel using Kat’s recipe. The big adventure this month was my trip to Blogtacular. A whirlwind day in London, from which have come many new and lovely friendships. The energy and enthusiasm that I brought back have remained with me, as have the empowering words of Natalie Lue and Anne Ditmeyer.  Having loved her photowalk, I have signed up for Xanthe’s upcoming e-course and look forward to a summer of photography and video inspiration.

This May has brought the baby’s first birthday, a day which seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Time has galloped, carrying me to this moment far too quickly. Being driven back from the hospital with this newest of babes, on a balmy day, through the flower-clouded lanes, I remember feeling total elation. Now, a year later, a family of five, I feel overwhelmingly, gratefully blessed.

I’ve been looking back, to last May’s patchwork (oh, those tiny feet!!) and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for June.

June on Pinterest

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