patchwork March, 2015


Once again, March brought blue skies and pink blossom. The beloved magnolia tree in our back garden has started to bloom in the final days of the month, but the branches which I brought inside to force provided delicate petals ahead of time.

In the kitchen, there have been eggs, proudly gathered straight from the chickens by the littlest boy. Of course plenty of eggs will always lead, in this house, to a proliferation of cakes. In addition to the Banana Primrose Lemon Cake , I’ve been baking the seeded banana bread from the utterly brilliant A Modern Way to EatI’ve been spending my spare moments with my loom, attempting a few new weaving techniques.

Walks in the springtime are an absolute pleasure, We spot celandines, wood anemones and catkins, hearing woodpeckers amongst the trees. In the woods, the wild garlic is rampant, and we’re all set to make this year’s batch of wild garlic pesto. Days, and spirits, have grown brighter with the advent of spring.

As ever, I’ve been looking back- to last March’s patchwork – and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for April.

April on Pinterest

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