patchwork March 2014

patchwork march 14

Oh March, you have been an unexpectedly pleasant month! Last March was gloomy, with winter hanging on by its frosty claws. This year, March has been all blue skies and billowy blossom. I find it so much easier to feel bright and positive in the spring sunshine.

In my kitchen, sleeves have been rolled up, apron springs tied and my nose frequently dusted with flour. I’ve baked a chocolate fudge cake for a special birthday and a batch of rhubarb shortbread for some friends dear to my heart. I made my favourite rhubarb and orange cake, a chocolate and banana bread and a few too many batches of these wickedly addictive three-ingredient peanut butter cookies. Baking bread for the #52loavesproject has remained a weekly routine, and I’ve been experimenting with loaves and plaits (with mixed success!)

The garden has been dotted with clumps of primroses, and as well as being the crowning glory of my Primavera Crown, a few blooms also graced my kitchen table in a tiny blue glass bottle. I even experimented with crystallising the smallest of the flowers, which has left me keen to try the same with violets and, later in the year, rose petals.

Perhaps my favourite days of the entire year are the fleeting ones when the pink magnolia tree in our garden comes into bloom. Last year, I had to wait until April, but this year, studying the branches daily, the silvery buds loosened their grip and the pink petals emerged until the whole tree was covered in feathery blooms. On the school run, my favourite cherry tree has also put on a beautiful display, which lifts my spirits each time I pass it.

Having been blessed with the first warm weekends of the year, we have been out rambling, seeking signs of spring, which have appeared in abundance. The boys returned from yesterday’s walk with a quarz crystal, a magpie feather, and a sun-kissed pinkness in their cheeks.

Once again, I’ve been looking back, to last March’s patchwork, and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for April:

April on Pinterest

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