patchwork June, 2015


June, lovely June. I feel as if I have failed to savour June’s precious moments, and yet, when I look back, there are many that I captured….

After-school strawberry picking and the first batch of jam, endless elderflower gathering for litres of cordial. Walks in the meadow, posies from the garden. A perfect bouquet of home-grown roses, and photographic experiments with light. Nights under canvas on the first camping weekend of the year. Blowing away the cobwebs up on the common, where the skylarks soar. An exciting opportunity to photograph the gorgeous home of my friend Lou, and all of her wonderful natural treasures.

The days have been full, the evenings long and bright. June, I’m sorry to see you leave already! As ever, I’ve been looking back- to last June’s patchwork – and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for July.

July on Pinterest

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  • Glorious June, such a beautiful month, and beautifully captured by your lens as well. Let’s hope July is as lovely. CJ xx

  • Hello! I came across your beautiful space here this evening and have had such a lovely time reading through your posts from the beginning. It really is beautiful here….your photos, what you write about, your words, I’m happy to have landed here. You have such a peaceful natural style, full of richness and heart, that I adore. I’m so happy to follow along! xo

    I especially like this patchwork series….it’s a good way to collect little snapshots of your life, where you are, were and dream to be. ♥ Sarah