patchwork June 2014


Ever-glorious June, once again you have not disappointed. We have been blessed with what felt like endless sunshine: long, precious days of magical summer. The boys and I have spent every possible moment outside: in the garden, on the common, by the stream, in meadows and walking along sun-bleached paths. On a warm, blustery day, we launched our rainbow delta kite into the blue, leaning back to watch it dart below the powder puff clouds.

June began with the picking of elderflowers, and the making of cordial. It ended with the picking of strawberries and the making of jar after jar of jam, on what will surely be the first of many trips to the local farm this summer. On Father’s Day, a pub lunch with two generations of fathers, followed by a walk on the common: swishing through the grasses and searching for orchids and fossils. A summer birthday cake, vanilla-infused and rose petal scattered.

In the garden, a washing line tent made from a vintage sheet has provided the boys with hours of entertainment, particularly the baby who crawls through it to peek out, and rolls around inside it, gazing up at the sun-illuminated flowers and cooing to himself. For him, this month’s milestone has been his first steps and,  in consequence and celebration, his first shoes, of which he is inordinately proud. His brothers, tireless cheerleaders, love to hold his pudgy hands as he toddles happily along, each day a little steadier on his feet.

There have been small treats and simple pleasures: a lucky day at the auction saw me carry home a box of seven vintage cameras, including three Polaroids, a box Brownie and a Kodak Instax. The Polaroid 1000 is awaiting its first film and will soon be popped into my bag and taken out and about with me to capture some small squares of summer magic. The joy of a flask of tea, drunk outside on the grass never grows tired, nor does the pleasure of a quiet cup of coffee at my kitchen table. A bunch of cornflowers found their way into my basket at the farm shop. I wore them in my hair on my wedding day: my love had one in his button hole. Since that day, I have been unable to resist their crowns of delicate blue petals.

I’ve been looking back, to last June’s patchwork (kites, elderflowers, strawberries, birthday cakes- my recurring June motifs) and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for July.

July on Pinterest

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