patchwork July 2014


July, just like last year, has been weeks of almost endless sunshine. The boys jumped for joy once school was finally out for the summer. This month has brought with it the beginnings of our summer adventures, with a camping trip to the Gower shortly followed by a second to Dorset. Nights under pale canvas, and endless beach skies. We have walked along shady green lanes, wandered through wildflower meadows and lain on the parched grass of the common, ice cream cone in hand. Baking in the hot kitchen has been no pleasure, but eating the results in the outside air has been a delight: cookies for a picnic, lemon drizzle cake for lunch with friends and, for the camping trips, always chocolate brownies, and this year, banana loaf too.

July has been a good month for cameras. A big bagful of Impossible Project film arrived for use in the Polaroid 1000 that I bought at the auction last month. I took a chance on their seconds packs of film, which are considerably cheaper, and so far, it has been just splendid. My love affair with these little squares of magic is growing by the day. After a visit to the local camera repair shop, I left with a beautiful Canon AE-1: it had been left in the shop by an old gentleman who no longer used it, with the request that it be given to someone who would. To my delight, that someone was me, and I have been taking it out and about in the countryside with me. I love the solid feel of the shutter button and the satisfying clunk as the film winds on, not to mention anticipating the moment when I open that first envelope of prints.

As always, I’ve been looking back- to last July’s patchwork – and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for August.

August on Pinterest

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  • So funny to hear about it being warm – it has been freezing, cold and wet. It seems as though there is mud everywhere at the moment. That time of year when I start craving spring!

  • What wonderful photos, especially the top right picture of two of them jumping for joy. Summer indeed, and you have captured it beautifully. How lovely that you were the one to be given the camera. It was meant for you I think, I can’t imagine anyone who would appreciate it more, I know you’ll treasure it and no doubt take some fantastic images. Have a good weekend Laura, CJ xx