February 1, 2013

patchwork January

JanuaryIt has felt like a long month, but January has not been without its pleasures. We made the most of the Seville orange and forced rhubarb seasons by making (and eating!) plenty of marmalade and rhubarb crumbles. There have been flowers in the house every day, and usually a cake too. A snowy interlude meant that the sledge got an outing and my piles of handknit blankets were also brought into service. On the rare occasions that the sun shone, we seized the opportunity for muddy walks. In the garden, the buds began to show on the magnolia tree, a reminder of Spring blossom to come.

January was also the first month of this new blog. Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading, and particularly to those who have left comments- it means a great deal to me. I am so glad to have this space to call my own, and even more delighted that you choose to share it with me.

In our house, February is a month of birthdays, not to mention the usual pancakes, and perhaps even a little romance. I’m pleased that it’s here.

6 thoughts on “patchwork January

  1. driftwood

    oooh I love how you describe your mosiac as a patchwork, that is exactly what they remind me of. I might have to copy you if that’s ok. xxx
    so glad you’ve had a lovely month in your new blog home. may there be many happy months ahead xxx

  2. Lorna

    I too have made marmalade this month – I made twice as much as last year as it didn’t last very long last year and I love to be able to eat it all year long. Your patchwork pictures look absolutely lovely.

    1. Laura

      Thank you! Yes, I was tempted by a second batch too, we need to be sure that we have enough to get us through to strawberry jam season… x


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