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January 2014 :: Circle of Pine Trees

Against what feels like my better judgement, I rather like January. There is something about the combination of good intentions with homely pursuits that I find to be peculiarly uplifting. New pages, both literal and metaphorical. This month, the sunlit hours were brief but glorious. We have had a few outings in the clear air: a walk on the common, a trip to the beach. Most of our time, however, has been spent hunkered down at home.

Every January my kitchen is filled with the citrus fug of seville oranges being boiled up for marmalade, and this year was no exception. Two batches were made and safely stowed. The shocking pinkness of forced Yorkshire rhubarb also made its annual appearance: stewed, in crumble, and in a batch of my favourite shortbread. I have also been attempting to bake a loaf of bread from scratch each week, joining in with Lou’s #52loavesproject, and documenting my progress over on Instagram. There have been bulbs on the mantelpiece and kitchen table – a pot of hyacinths and a striking amarylis.

Knitting is a perfect pursuit for January, and this year I have had a try at sock knitting, beginning with a pair for the baby. He is already a fan of snuggling under hand knit blankets. I only hope that I can finish the second sock quickly enough to keep up with his growing toes!

The rhythm of the seasons has begun afresh. It’s interesting to look back at last January’s patchwork and to see the recurrences (marmalade, rhubarb, knitted blankets, bulbs) and the differences (snow!). Oh, and I have been looking to the month ahead with a February board over on Pinterest:

February on Pinterest

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  • We have the same diary which I find very exciting. I like the way you’ve identified that you enjoy january despite your better judgement. I feel the same 🙂

  • I love how positive you have been about January. Everybody always seems really upbeat for the first week or so and then most people go on a big downer. You have made a refreshing change 🙂

  • I haven’t wanted to say it out loud but I like January too. At least this one, aside from the constant rain. And even more excited that it’s nearly February then March which is officially spring, hurrah hurrah.

  • Your pictures brighten up a dull grey day – sadly I don’t feel the same way about January I think I would rather have snow than the constant rain we have been having. Roll on spring.

  • I am also enjoying my line a day, it’s a good 5 minutes to ground and appreciate the little things. I have also enjoyed my January it has been very far from blue. Xx

  • How adorable is that baby snuggled under a blanket? And his new socks are gorgeous too. I can never get the hang of four needles, just not enough patience… or fingers it seems at times! I have the ‘One Line A Day’ little book with a purple pen alongside to write in each morning, it’s a good writing practice, keeping it brief. Luckily for me, who has trouble with brevity, I write a proper journal almost daily where I can be as verbose as I like! Great pictures, wish I’d been able to find Seville oranges this year, but simply couldn’t find any where I live. I can smell that smell….

  • Do you know what Laura, I think despite it being hectic at work this month I have actually enjoyed January too, I look forward to seeing some Spring flowers opening their sleepy heads in February though x beautiful patchwork of your January x