patchwork February 2014

Patchwork February

February has been rather a quiet month. A month for settling down and snuggling up, and waiting for the winter to pass. The boys have variously been ill, and we have been confined to home more than I would have liked. On the rare occasions when we have ventured out, I have tried to appreciate the skeletal beauty in the bare winter trees, and the starkness of the cold landscape, but if truth be told, I am beginning to long for spring, as the bulbs on my kitchen table testify.

There have been plenty of cups of tea and coffee, partly in an attempt to warm up, but mainly to keep myself awake after yet another broken night with the baby. I read somewhere recently that the making of a cup of tea is like a small meditation, and that makes sense to me. On the greyest and dampest of days, a trip to a cafe has also been a welcome retreat. With a carrot cake for my birthday and some paperwhites on a particularly tough, tired day, my sweet husband has been taking good care of me.

The advantage of the wintery weather is that it does allow more time for reading, and amazingly, I have finished not only this month’s book for The Year in Books project, but also a second book, The Rosie Project, which I started, rather appropriately, on Valentines day, and finished less than 24 hours later. I’ve also had a copy of oh comely magazine, which has been enjoyed from cover to cover. Writing, too, has been a focus this month. I’ve taken part in the Write Now ecourse, which has helped me to develop a daily writing practice. Often, it has been just for 15 minutes, but the act of writing each day has been incredibly positive, and I hope to continue this as the year goes on.

Having missed a few weeks with the boys being poorly, I have returned with pleasure to Lou’s #52loavesproject and the satisfaction of baking bread for the family. My bread-making skills still need a good deal of work, but I have had some success with an overnight prove on a Friday, ready to bake a loaf on the Saturday.

Once again, I’ve been looking back, to last February’s patchwork, and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for March.

March on Pinterest

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  • Your patchwork posts are such a wonderful idea. I especially enjoy the words you’ve written to look back at the month and the direction you’ve taken your photography as compared to last year. Lovely.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Lovely images, Laura. I too am a collage devotee. It indulges my creative streak (and love of arranging things) no end!

    I particularly like the narcissi and the bare trees.

    S x

  • I struggle with February, except snow – I love snow and this February didn’t bring snow.
    I used to write a little everyday – this is a gentle reminder of how enjoyable it was. Must get back to it.