patchwork February, 2015


February, last month of winter, has brought a good sprinkling of blue-skied, bright days. We’ve made our annual pilgrimages to the winter beach and to the snowdrops, each time blessed with cool, sparkling light: shining through the trees and reflecting off the water. The air is crisp, but now with the gentlest breath of spring in it. The seasons are on the turn…

Inside the kitchen, February brings the baking of Bakewell Hearts, and the making (and flipping) of what felt like about one hundred pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. I’ve been embracing pen and ink, hand writing a little pile of notes using some gorgeous Wolf and Ink letterpress notecards. I’m completely besotted with my Hatchet and Bear loom, and have almost finished my first piece of experimental weaving. The boys have been fascinated by my progress, experimenting with cardboard looms of their own.

For February’s Styling the Seasons, I gathered pale pretties: snowdrops and paperwhites. Also my Canon SLR, which I’ve been taking out and about on brighter days, some favourite Observer books, and -in honour of Valentine’s day -a couple of sweet ceramic hearts that hang in my kitchen. As ever, I’ve been looking back- to last February’s patchwork – and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for March.

March on Pinterest

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