patchwork August, 2015


In a moment of perfect pathetic fallacy, the rain is streaming down the kitchen windows as I write this, on the last day of August and the final day of the summer holidays. I always find it difficult to let August go, and although I tend to claim that the first days of September are still late technically summer, this year it’s hard to feel that way.

August has been such a wonderful month: long, lazy family days without the constraints of routine. Sunset walks, picking wildflowers and blackberries. Exploring cliff paths and beaches, ruins and coastal towns. I try endlessly to capture the light, the warmth, the feeling of these precious days, but although I’m not ready for it, I feel autumn’s breath, cool on the back of my neck. September is just hours away.

As ever, I’ve been looking back- to last August’s patchwork – and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for September.

September on Pinterest

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