patchwork August 2014


August, the most precious month of all. A month which is free from the school run, from deadlines and routines. Days spent as a family on our own terms, our hours ungoverned and free. Time spent outside, under the sky, in the wild spaces. A month for paddling, for jumping, for running, climbing and exploring. Days in which to breathe deeply, to feel the sun on our faces and the breeze at our backs. Nights of stargazing, days of dolphin watching. Searching for treasures along the shoreline, plundering bramble bushes for plump blackberries. A time for catching up with far-flung family and long-loved friends. Dawn walks and sunset strolls, kite flying and sandcastle building. A month of sandy toes and sun-streaked hair.

August, you’ve been a beauty and it breaks my heart a little to let you go.

As always, I’ve been looking back- to last August’s patchwork – and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for September.

September on Pinterest

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  • Oh I love the idea of a Pinterest board for the month – I am going to follow it! August seems to have completely passed us by, I feel a bit cheated of summer this year, too much time spent doing work on the house. Is it too early to start planning next summer?

  • August is such a wonderful month isn’t it, and your photo collage is lovely. I’m glad you had such a good time. Onwards though, ever onwards. I hope September is good to you too. CJ xx