patchwork April


After months of interminable waiting, April brought with it the Spring. Sunshine, blue skies, blossom and bright verdant leaves. The magnolia and the cherry trees have finally draped themselves in a glorious display of pink blossom. Knowing how soon the delicate petals will begin to drop, I have savoured every glimpse of them against a bright blue sky. We have spent every moment possible out in the sunshine, noticing and appreciating the abundance of wild flowers and the luminosity of the fresh green leaves illuminated by the sun. Wild garlic has been picked and made into pesto which the boys have devoured with gusto. In the last week or so, there been days when a coat was not needed and toes could be bared. On a particularly warm day, I even managed the year’s first few rows of al fresco knitting. April has been the month in which my winter blues have been swept away and I feel bright and positive about the days and months to come.

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  • Somehow, the sunshine makes everything better doesn’t it? Even the simple act of being able to hang laundry outside and watch it flap in the breeze makes me feel satisfied. I love Autumn and I love Christmas, but I LOATHE the dull monotony of January and the drizzle of February. I’m finally starting to feel positive now the sun is out – and this post has helped even more!

  • Beautiful patchwork of early spring scenes! Looks like May has arrived with gusto today too… .I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a heatwave soon 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your Patchwork May!

    Love and blog hugs

  • Such wonderful wonderful snippets of life, love and the most beloved spring! So so needed in my heart. I have loved thee April -you were brief and all too quick -but glorious. xo